2024 Waveland Triangle Work Day

Thanks to the 24 people that showed up on a beautiful Sunday afternoon for the big push to get the courts open.  All of the windscreens are up and most of the lines are down, which is amazing.

Here are all of the people who made it that day.  Thank you!

Guillermo Arriondo
Steve Claypool
Don Combs
David Crevier
Paul Dalton
Ellen Doll
Jake Fourre
Peter Hanson
Bruce  Idelkope
Jan Jachimowicz
Nancy Kelly
Richard Lefevbre
Elsa Linke
Connor O'Meara
Edgar Oliveira
Phil Orenstein
Stephen Radermacher
Scott Raver
Steve  Rhody
Dave Shireley
Samuel Teitelbaum
Katy Vandam
Charles Weed
Scott Williams